February 2019

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Weston & Mendip

Advanced Motorists Group

Registered Charity Number 1050237


The IAM is the UK’s leading independent road safety charity. We passionately believe that our roads can be made a safer place by improving the standards of the people who are using them. With over 50 years of experience, passion and insight, the IAM is uniquely positioned to help improve the skills and understanding of UK drivers, riders & cyclists.

Weston & Mendip Advanced Motorists

Weston & Mendip Advanced Motorists were formed in 1983 with the specific aim of improving the standard and safety of motoring in North Somerset and surrounding areas. This is achieved by taking existing drivers and improving their skills, both the physical aspects (steering, braking, cornering etc) as well as mental attitudes (observation, planning etc).

The aims of our group are simple, to make road users more aware of traffic and road conditions both well ahead and surrounding their vehicle, thereby making them more observant.

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