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Weston & Mendip

Advanced Motorists Group

Registered Charity Number 1050237

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This may sound like an odd definition, but as well as fine tuning your physical driving skills (gear changing, steering, braking etc), we place a lot of emphasis on improving your levels of Concentration, Observation, Anticipation and Planning when you drive. Without these core skills, it is impossible to be fully aware of your immediate surroundings, making it easy to miss hazards until it is too late.

Advanced Drivers drive to “The System”. This systematic approach ensures that all hazards are considered and nothing is left to chance.  This makes driving safer for you, your passengers and other vehicles around you.  As well as safer, The System makes your driving smoother, more fuel efficient and more pleasurable.  

If you feel that Advanced Driving is for you, then buy a ‘Skill for Life’ for just £149 and start reaping the benefits.  If you are not quite sure, then check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or Try Before You Buy.  

What’s so clever about Advanced Driving?

“Advanced Drivers use their advanced anticipation skills to avoid having to use their advanced driving skills!”

Vernon Mortimer

President, Weston & Mendip Advanced Motorists

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