6th February 2018

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Weston & Mendip

Advanced Motorists Group

Registered Charity Number 1050237

Group Membership Renewal

Membership of Weston & Mendip Advanced Motorists runs from January 1st to December 31st.  Please use the form below to renew your membership.

Group Membership Number:     1116/


Payment Method:




Email Address:


IAM Membership Number:

Observer Status:

I would like to help the group in some way:

It is a condition of Group Membership that each Full Member of the Group MUST be a current member of the IAM.

Group Membership fee is  of £18 is required in addition to the IAM membership fee.  

I Confirm that I am  a Member of the IAM:



I am an Observer

I am not an Observer

I would like to know about Observing

Standing Order

If you pay by cheque, your membership will not be renewed until this is received by the Membership Secretary.  If you pay by Standing Order, you need do nothing else.  

Click here to receive a Standing Order form or here to receive a Gift Aid form.

Gift Aid helps us to increase our funds by claiming tax back from HMRC.