May 2020

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Weston & Mendip

Advanced Motorists Group

Registered Charity Number 1050237

Try Before You Buy

FREE Taster Session

You will have a drive, in your own car, with one of our qualified Observers as your passenger.  The drive will last for about 30 to 40 minutes followed by a full debrief giving you an honest appraisal of your driving standard. The debrief will include feedback on your driving techniques such as steering and braking, as well as how well you observe and plan your drive.

FREE Demonstration Drive

You will be a passenger in the Observer’s car.  The run will last for about 20 minutes during which you will see Advanced Driving in action.  Watch how the Observer copes with hazards and ask any questions you may have on driving.

To arrange a FREE Taster Session or a Demonstration Drive, please email us,
or telephone us on 07790 340985

If you think that you might be interested in becoming an Advanced Driver, but you still aren’t quite sure, then try one of the following offers.  

IAM DriveCheck for just £35

IAM DriveCheck offers you an opportunity to have a relaxed and informed 60 minute session with an IAM examiner who can support some best practice driving procedures and discuss any driving issues which you may have.  Click here to buy DriveCheck.